Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A few of my favorite things: Christmas Crazy Edition

I have two posts I've been working on but can't seem to get them together. So, until my brain kicks into gear or I have a V-8 moment, I am going to fall back on the old, familiar, uninspiring list format.


Plus, I have like less than two days to finish a week's worth of errands. I have almost all my shopping done. Most of our family and friends are out of town so I planned well in advance for them, figuring in the UPS transit time. My parents are going to be here for Christmas, so I left their gifts for later. Which is NOW.

Not to mention the dear people who actually live with me.

You could say I have some catching up to do.

And I'd really like to be finished so I can relax and focus on what or Who really matters.

Now that you've heard about my issues, here is a list of a few of my favorite things.

1. Whale Wars- This is my new addiction. I don't really agree with the tactics of the group, but I can understand their passion. Plus, I am so far away from the ocean or any other body of water, that I love watching anything remotely ocean-y. I told Hubs the other night that I get thirsty watching the show. Analyze that one, Mr. Freud.

2. Online shopping- This has been a life saver for me this year. We really do not have many shopping choices here in Smalltown and I am quite certain that most of my family do not need the Ped Egg from Walgreens.

Plus, it gives me a chance to congratulate the UPS man for his fine work.

Today, it was a toasty 18 degrees and he showed up on our doorstep in his brown attire with a hood. If it had not been for the nice view of his brown truck, I would not have opened the door. I normally don't open the door for hooded men.

3. Free shipping. A plus with online shopping if you shop around for the best deals.

4. Angel Tree- There are so many wonderful opportunites to help needy families this time of year.

Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree is close to my heart. I've volunteered with them in the past and seen the miracles that can happen in torn families. Their angel tree is not based on need. They are designed to foster family relationships. If you are interested, there is still time to help this Christmas.

5. Mexican Hot Chocolate. Specifically, Nestle's Abuelita. Chocolate and cinnamon. Yum.

6. Warm kitty cats on cold days.

7. White House Christmas Tree ornaments. I just received this year's in the mail. Love it.

8. Warm kitty cats under Christmas trees. Just make sure you hang the White House ornaments way up high.

8. The Christmas episode of Little House on the Prairie when Laura gives away Bunny so Ma can have a new stove. Makes me cry every time.

9. A Christmas Story. Another chance to watch Ralphie shoot his eye out. Those icicles have been known to kill people.

Signing off and heading to Walgreens. ;>)


Roxanne said...

So have you USED the Ped egg??? 'cause I need somethin' for my 39 1/2 yr. old feet.

Tari said...

When I lived in the middle of nowhere everyone knew the UPS man's name - if he visited you it was a truly blessed day. And he called everyone "Gert." Never knew why.

Carol said...

First, I love the Christmas Story. My mom found a leg lamp this year for a white elephant gift. Second, you are underestimating the power of the pediegg. It rocks!