Friday, December 05, 2008

Cats and crabs and such.

Before I move on to the rest of my birthday, I want to show you Maggie sleeping under the tree. You could say she isn't showing her best side.

Not that she cares.

Hubs got home from work this evening, we all got dolled up, and headed to Red Lobster. Red Lobster is not usually my first choice for seafood. Once you've lived close to fresh Gulf Of Mexico seafood, The Big Red Crustacean is not your culinary choice.

But then you move to cattle country and The Big Red Crustacean becomes your only choice.

We decided a few weeks ago that Red Lobster was going to be my birthday celebration when the three of us were eating crab legs at the local Chinese buffet.


Our daughter was tickled over the snow crab legs 'neath the red lanterns and tacky chandelier, but Hubs and I are were not inspired. However, the taste of sub par crab legs made us crave some above par crab legs. Since we can't really get above par, we went for par.

Thus, The Big Red Crustacean.

When we ordered tonight, our daughter said she wanted catfish. This child eats catfish like my Daddy and my grandmother. My grandmother weighed about 100 pounds, but she could eat catfish like a man. (Daintily of course.)

Hubs and I know how much catfish our sweet, delicate offspring can eat, so when we go out, she is allowed to order the adult portion. This is the only time we stray from the kid's menu. The mention of this always puzzles the waitress.

So, our daughter ordered the adult catfish. The waitress suggested that we go with the lunch portion because the dinner portion included two large fillets.

"No, she can have the dinner portion."

Then the waitress secretly rolled her eyes. (I'm a mom. I can see these things.)

Hubs ordered 1 1/2 pounds of snow crab legs. I ordered 1/ 1/2 pounds of King Crab legs.

You do the math.

May I also add that all three dinner orders included salad, bread and a potato.

Yes, we are pigs.

Really, if you eat crab legs, you know that there is not much meat in 1 1/2 pounds. At least, that's the lie we told ourselves.

But when you've been deprived of crustaceans dipped in butter for going on 5 months, your mind plays tricks on you.

Hubs and I shared our crab with our daughter. She ate most of her catfish, all but a few bites.

When our waitress brought the check and removed our crab shells and wet naps, I laughed and said,"Really. We didn't get enough crab."

To which she replied, "I've never seen such carnage in my life."

Can you believe that she didn't even ask if we wanted dessert?!


Roxanne said...

During the hurricane thaw of the freezer, I had to cook ALL of the fish my Daddy had caught for me--white perch (crappie)--not catfish, but you just made me WANT some catfish.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Well, you know I live in land-locked Indiana, so I didn't grow up eating much from the water. There aren't many foods I can't eat, but crustaceans (sp?) boggle my mind. I cannot even watch people eat them because of the resemblance to large insects. There are some Hoosier who love seafood,but that's because they've ventured past Captain D's and Big Red. I wouldn't even know how to eat a crab leg!