Friday, January 02, 2009

Our fun always seems to involve a humidifier.

New Year's Eve was typical for us. Hubs stayed up until it was midnight somewhere, but not here. I stayed up until it was midnight everywhere.

On New Year's Day, we had our blackeyed peas. I convinced our daughter to eat them because it was tradition. She ended up having seconds. And that's saying something because I had to cook frozen blackeyed peas, not the coveted dried ones that I love.

The only place I've found dried ones here is Wal-mart. Because I didn't plan ahead, I was out New Year's Eve at 5:00 PM purchasing peas. There was no way I was going to Wal-mart on New Year's Eve. It wasn't even dark yet and it was scary.

So I went to Albertson's along with the other 500 people there. When you walk in and nearly all the carts are gone, you know it's going to be fun in the check-out line.

Back to the peas.

There are many sins in southern cooking for my family. One of them is eating frozen or canned blackeyed peas. Blech. But I was determined to make them edible and I doctored them up better than Paula could have done herself. I could tell they were not of the dried variety, but they were, as much as they could be, tasty.

Homemade hot pepper sauce also helps.

Yesterday, Hubs was starting to get sick again. The Sinus stuff just won't let go. Today he is on the couch with the humidifier on the coffee table.

I was going to ask him to help take down the tree, but I think heavy lifting just might do him in.

I could blame his sudden illness on the frozen blackeyes but they are supposed to bring you good luck. Maybe he should have had seconds, too.


Susanne said...

Ugh, Hope your hubby gets over that thing soon. So are ya gonna share your black eyed pea recipe or is it a family secret?

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Yeah. (I'm like Susanne's little toady.) When are ya gonna share? I think black-eyed peas definitely won out as a tradition rather than Hoosier cabbage.