Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Climate Change

We woke up this morning to a cozy 15 degrees.


Everything is covered in ice. No snow for us. (sigh) Other mothers were making snowmen with their children who got to stay home. I was outside in the arctic melting the ice from my windshield while trying to maintain my body temperature.

We bundled up and headed for school. We passed several cows with ice crystals on their backs. I am not a farmer, but I think that could be borderline cruelty. But, what do I know.

Oh, sure. Cows have fur and they can keep warm. But this is America, people. Cows have dreams. Cows have hopes. Cows have...

Sorry. I lost it for a minute there.

The cold temperatures are affecting my mental faculties.

This freezing weather is really helping me make my case that the polar bear welcomes global warming and that maybe we should just leave well enough alone.

Polar bears have dreams too, ya know.


Melanie said...

I can always count on you for a laugh. We have had a warm spell here in Florida. Cool but not cold. I am trying to enjoy the mild winter here since I know what is coming next winter. Cold like I have never known. Can we say Cinn. Ohio?:(

Roxanne said...

Good thing about frozen cows is that they give icecream instead of milk. And if they're brown it's even better. . .CHOCOLATE icecream.


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

How can this be where you are?? I'm so confused.

Susanne said...

Poor frozen cows. Our cows up here can handle it, but yours? I don't know.