Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Best Dishes

I'm sitting here sipping coffee and watching Paula. She is on her second recipe and she has already used nearly five sticks of butter.

She's a woman after my own heart.

Plus, she said she'd love to offer her viewers one of the beaters from her hand mixer.

Maybe it's just one of those days. Or maybe it's the butter. Or Paula. I just had a flashback of a moment in the kitchen with Mama, flour dusting the counter, bits of sugar crunching 'neath the mixing bowl, the smell of the gas oven pre-heating for a cake.

And the taste of cake batter as I lick those beaters clean.


In childhood, you should never skip the butter.


averagemoreorless said...

You just made my mouth water! One of the major disadvantges of cooking with my children is having to share the beaters. Is baking after bedtime a time issue or a beater issue?

The Bug said...

I always called dibs for the bowl - & I still do! Hubby can have ONE beater - I get everything else. Yum. Thanks for the memory!

Melanie said...

Honey, I don't skip the butter in my adult life:) At Christmastime, I cooked dinner for my parents and I used 4 sticks of butter in the whole meal. It was good!

Carpool Queen said...

Is it weird that I never was a batter beater licker? I never ate raw cookie dough, either.