Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow makes her nervous.

This morning I woke up to another snow-covered day.

As soon as my feet hit the floor, Maggie followed them. She followed me to the coffee pot, the frig., the sofa, back to the coffee pot.

She scratched at the back door to go on the porch.

Hubs said,"Okay, Maggie. You won't like it."

He opened the door and Maggie stepped outside. She sniffed the snow drift, licked it, then scratched to come back inside. She's such a sissy. Wonder where she gets it.

Meanwhile, I discovered that there is only so much housework a girl can do to keep busy. I'm nearly done with laundry. I've prepped dinner. I don't even want to attempt to clean floors until the snow is gone, and I have no craft project to work on. A run to Hobby Lobby would be wonderful about now.

One day of being snowed in is fun. Two days of being trapped, I mean snowed in, is getting to me.

It was a while this morning before Maggie finally settled down. She scratched more doors (even the frig.- weird cat,) tried to climb into a 9 x 9 puzzle box (like me trying to squeeze into a size 4 jeans) and then wandered around the house aimlessly.

Once I sat down with the laptop, Maggie curled up in the bend of my knee, saddled alongside me, and relaxed. I think I even heard her let out a little kitty cat sigh. She's a nervous Nellie. Wonder where she gets it.


Amy said...

My Maggie, a dog, won't go outside if it is even wet...she step onto the wet grass like it is hot coals...totally cracks me up. Let me tell you that dog must have a huge bladder.


Susanne said...

She should come over here for a while. My kitty would teach her a thing or two about wandering out in the snow. Not a lot holds my cat back from the great outdoors.