Tuesday, January 12, 2010

DIY: Keeping My Sanity 101

January and February are the blah months.

Look out the window and see the weather. Blah.

Look at my pale skin. Blah.

Not much to look forward to after coming off the Thanksgiving/Christmas Holiday High. Blah.

I can tend to get the blues in these months, but I've come up with a way to help. My method is cheaper than therapy and without the side effects of Prozac.

A few years ago we were putting away our Christmas directions and I decided to take the opportunity to organize things. I mean, hey, you've got the boxes. Right? After organizing, I rearranged furniture, changed bedding, rotated table linens, and even found a few new things on sale.

Doing something, having a goal, helps with the blahs and sprucing up the house always cheers me up.

So, that's what we've been doing around here. I've organized closets, Hubs has hung shelves and even organized the garage. (If it were not for my junk drawer, you'd think I'd gone all Martha on y'all.)

I've found a few bargains for the house- some new kitchen towels, a floral arrangement for the fireplace (complete with real peacock feathers.) In all, I haven't spent a lot of money.

If a girl really wants to go all out, now is the time of year to find some great bargains everywhere. January is inventory time and stores are ready to get rid of as much stock as possible. You can find linens, home decor and sometimes furniture on sale.

Okay, so maybe it's not cheaper than therapy.

What about y'all? What do you do to beat the winter blahs?


Melanie said...

I am just like you....those months are hard. When we lived in Lagrange, I really struggled. In Florida, not so much. You know that we had pine trees that stayed green and really not much cold weather to speak of. Now up here, will be a whole nother story. Since we just moved, I have plenty to keep me busy so I am hoping that I will not get the blues this year. I am prayin anyway:)

Christy said...

I love your idea for scaring away those winter blues. My house could always use some organizing anyway, but I might as well take some time and do it now when there's really not much better to do! Thanks for the post.

Darla said...

i do the same thing. i start going through everything like a mad woman in January...forget the spring cleaning! it is better than therapy anyday. i used to get so blue after the holidays and now that i do the decluttering it just doesnt happen anymore, in fact i can't wait to put it all away each year now!!! great post!

The Bug said...

I SHOULD do this, but mostly I sit on my duff & wait for my birthday (March 3). After that it's practically spring!

Susanne said...

I always get a huge urge to purge "stuff" at this time of year. So I start getting tough and getting rid of things that have been hanging on but never get used.

Amy said...

I use my Starbucks mug that is decorated like the ones they use in December. I also have some "wintery" stuff that I take out as I am putting the Christmas stuff away. It takes the sting off of putting away all the decorations. Now I realize that it is a little odd to have snowmen and the like in my house when the weather outside is in the 70's...

...wait a minute I really don't get the winter blahs cause I don't live in a winter state.

But my life is tough too...really it is...ha ha


Carpool Queen said...

Obviously, keeping up on blog reading and commenting has not been a way to beat the winter blahs...Sheesh - I'm gone for a couple of days and I miss a ton.

Killing small peacocks in China? Priceless.


I also rearrange, purge, and generally try to keep busy because I detest January and February and get the blahs very easily.

I also go to the Caribbean.

Works every time.

Anonymous said...

Apparently I avoid the new year's blues by pretending it's still Christmas. Yes, my Christmas decorations are STILL out. Oh the shame!