Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's the kind you read about.

I woke up this morning, looked outside, and realized that the neighbor's house had disappeared!

We're having a winter storm. The kind where the snow blows sideways and it rains all at the same time. The street is covered, our walk is covered, you get the picture.

Our windows on the back porch even have a frame of snow around them from where it blew under the porch.

Before now, I've only seen hardware stores do that for effect with fake snow. (When you've lived in the South most of your life, the only things you see trapped in window screens are mosquitoes and cobwebs.)

I told Daughter that we would have our regularly scheduled tests, but she could have the rest of the day off from homeschool. Hubs isn't even going to work. So, it's official. We have a Snow Day.

Hubs came in a few minutes ago and said, "Who wants bacon and eggs?"

Daughter and I both declined after looking at Hubs with puzzled faces. We don't eat big breakfasts during the week. She has already had her bowl of cereal and I've yet to microwave my Smart Ones breakfast quesadilla.

I have to say, though, the smell of the bacon and eggs is yummy as I type this mediocre post. Maybe I'll grab a plate and run across the street to the neighbor's to eat it. No one will see me.

If I don't return, please send out a search party for me. I'll be the frozen girl covered in snow and ice with the half-eaten bacon and eggs.


Amy said...

It is nice when snow days come once in awhile...then back to normal is good too!

Just eat those bacon and eggs slowly...ration, girl, ration.


Melanie said...

I am wondering when spring is going to get here. All this rain, snow, and dreary weather is about to do me in. I don't eat anything for breakfast but I think I could eat bacon anytime. I even have a cookbook dedicated to bacon:)

Carpool Queen said...

Girl, I NEVER turn down a man that's willing to cook....

Ranelle said...

You could pretend you're the Ingalls family...