Monday, January 04, 2010

It sure beats looking for gum.

Well, look at that. I haven't written anything since last year.

That sounds so dramatic.

I don't know about y'all, but vacation is over at our house. We've celebrated 'til the cows come home (and around here that could be used in the literal sense) and we've rested nearly into a vegetative state.

So, real world, here we come. We're back and we're dressed (which is a huge change from lounging around in our pajamas.)

Homeschool began for us today. I'd like to stay it started with a bang but I'd be lying. It's more like a poof. But we started and we will get into a good routine this week. It takes a while to remember that a normal day does not begin with corn flakes on the couch and an hour of Spongebob.

Last night I rounded out the vacation with a fun celebration. My friend L just turned 40. She doesn't look a day over 25. I'm not kidding.

It was a surprise party with a small group of ladies who are all a hoot. L was escorted in the restaurant wearing a blinky tiara and a pink feather boa completely with grace and style. Only L could do that.

Happy Birthday L. You make thirty-nine look good. Hold on to that feather boa. I may ask to borrow it in about 11 months.

From your 110 pound friend.

(Last clever line stolen straight from a birthday card. This aging thing is killing my creativity.)


Carpool Queen said...

No one told me I'd turn 40 and my eyes would go to pot. Seriously, overnight I turned into someone that has to move their arm back and forth to get the paper into focus.

Maybe I'll just wear a blinky tiara and have the little people read for me....

Amy said...

Don't you think everyday should start with corn flakes and Spongebob?? I think it just might solve world peace issues.

Welcome back and 40 aint so bad as long as you have a feather boa, a tiara, and a diva attitude!!


Susanne said...

A blinky tiarra. Sounds like fun. As long as it wasn't blinking "40", "40", "40".

Anonymous said...

I've decided to embrace the turning 40 dilemma by throwing my own birthday party. As my daddy says, birthdays are better than the alternative.

Melanie said...

I am glad to know that everyone else stayed in their pj's over the holidays too. It is snowing here and this southern girl couldn't get back up the driveway today after I returned from taking Caden to school:( So, I stayed in my pj's and started painting the guest bedroom.

I agree with the other comment about the eyes. I told my husband, when did this old lady come and get me? I have tired looking eyes and I need an eye lift. Pronto!