Saturday, January 09, 2010

It's like a little game show, except without all the cool prizes.

I'm learning all the little tricks with my new phone. Hubs has started to text me so I can text back. I'd like to believe it is just so he can keep in touch and we can grow closer as a couple, but I know he's really doing it so I can practice.

He also told me he would download a cool ringtone for me. He offered to customize the ringtones so I would know who calls. Truth is, there are only about five people who have my cell phone number. Only one or two of them actually call me on my cell. As you can see, customization is really unnecessary.

However, I did want him to customize my rings indicating a call, a text or a voicemail, so he did.

Now on to the contest.

Are you still here?

Throw out a comment and see if you can guess my main ringtone. You should be able to guess if you have read this blog for a while. (The tones for text and voicemail just can't be guessed. Too obscure.)

I'll give you a hint:

Think themes.

I'll throw out more hints if no one guesses correctly.


The Bug said...

I haven't been reading long enough to hazard a guess - can't wait to see what it is!

Amy said...

I know you are a Jerry Seinfeld fan so I'm gonna guess Jerry Seinfeld theme...That would be a cool ring tone.

I wish I knew more about my phone, I think I just need one of my students to trick it out for me. They know all the cool stuff!!


Melanie said...

I don't have a clue. I can text but I don't have special ringtones etc. I do have the internet which I love and I can watch a few tv shows but I don't. Too bad I can't get Rush on my phone when I am away from my computer:)

Roxanne said...

Georgia on My Mind??? Dixie??? :)

I was, actually, thinking something Seinfeldish as well.

Either that or the Lily White Flour jingle.

Roxanne said...

Or is it White Lily? I KNOW I'm from the south too, but we always used Gold Medal (which I just had to ASK Tony what was the brand of flour we had in the pantry. . .and it's all my family has EVER used--seriously. . .my mind is just GONE.)

Roxanne said...

"Believe it or not George isn't at home. . .if he were here he'd pick up the phone. . ."