Monday, January 11, 2010

A Weekend to End All Hope For All Weekends. Plus, the answer to the ringtone quiz.

I just read a few bloggers' recaps of their weekends. Compared to y'all, my life is Snoozeville.

My weekend went something like this.

Friday we stayed home and had leftovers for dinner. The frigid temps prevented me from even wanting to venture out.

On Saturday, we did some projects around the house, I returned a lamp at Hobby Lobby and purchased a green arrangement to put in front of our fireplace (the fake one.) The arrangement is nice on its own, but I wanted to add some oomph. I bought some peacock feathers which I assumed were fake to add to the greenery.


Tonight I mentioned that they were fake and Hubs informed me that they are real. I plucked them from the arrangement, we both inspected them and determined that they are real.

Hubs tried to encourage me by saying that peacocks shed their feathers. I mentioned that these peacock feathers were from China and I'm pretty sure the Chinese don't stand around and wait for the peacock's feathers to fall out.

Oh, the guilt.

Poor little peacock, I'm sorry. I hope you'll accept my apology and please know that I will take good care of your plumage.

I'm not much of an animal activist but there are a few weak spots for me- whales, sea turtles and birds.

Except for pigeons.

Back to the weekend.

Today we went to church, lounged around the house, finished some other projects (we are on a roll!) and watched Maggie sleep. She sleeps a lot these days. I believe she has officially entered retirement. However, she is a cat, so how would you know?

I also went to the grocery store and bought a cart load of groceries. It was very exciting.

That's my weekend.

Congrats to Amy who was the first to guess that my new ringtone is the Seinfeld TV theme song. I am so transparent! And, Amy, you are right. It is a cool ringtone!

Happy Monday!


The Bug said...

Your weekend sounds exactly like mine - except for doing any projects & watching a cat sleep. I'm not exactly sure WHAT I did LOL. I did buy a giant cart of groceries.

Amy said...

Don't worry you are not transparent...I just pay attention. Sounds like the perfect weekend and I am sure that your peacock friend is just fine, except for the fact he/she is living in smog filled China, but I hear it is a beautiful country!! So all is good.


Melanie said...

Your weekend was about as exciting as ours. My poor husband had the weekend off and got up at 5:30 am and then they called him because of a train derailment and he had to go in Sat. night. I felt so bad for him. That was a long time to be up. On Sunday, he slept until 1 pm and we watched football all afternoon. We are the happening family too:)