Sunday, June 24, 2007

All this time, I thought I was a Delta Mom.

Have you heard the buzz about the New Mommy War? It's The Slacker Mom vs. The Alpha Mom.

I never knew I was even fighting someone, much less in a war. Did you?

You know how it goes. The media jumps on a crusade about extreme moms and then they decide to lump us all into groups, much like how the select teams for dodge ball.

And I HATE dodge ball.

Then the Merediths and the Katies who, ahem, do not have a clue about my life, invite two extreme opposite mothers to "discuss" their viewpoints about the opposing "teams." Hey, Today Show execs, I don't play team sports and I never appointed anyone captain.

I really believe that most moms support each other. We may disagree about potty training or whether or not to bottle feed, but for the most part, we try to support and lend a helping hand to other moms.

Unless they are, ya know, really weird or something.

These Mommy Wars are interesting to me just as a sociology/psychology nerd and I love looking at descriptions and trying to figure out where I would fit. When I first heard about Slackers and Alphas, I assumed I was kind of in the middle. As it turns out, I lean a little more to the Alpha side because of, but not limited to, the following traits-

1. I have themed birthday parties and make treat bags. (Because I enjoy it.)
2. My kid's socks match. (It ain't tough when they all came from Old Navy and are all the same color.)
3. I send real snacks to school when needed. (Because, as for now, I don't work outside of home and also enjoy making cupcakes. But I have been known to purchase an entire box of Little Debbie's at the last minute.)
4. I keep up with my kid's lost tooth. (I only have one kid, and she hasn't lost that many teeth yet. Give me a few years.)

So this makes me an Alpha Mom? OK. I can handle that. And why Alpha? What's up with that? I thought Alpha was usually followed by Dog, not Mom. And why is it that a mom who is not even heavily medicated with nerve pills and takes life as it comes is called a Slacker? I don't think they are slackers. I call it Organically Relaxed.

All of this Mommy War hoopla is mildly entertaining at most. Let's not take it too seriously.

Now, car seat safety and protection from child predators- that's something to fight for.


The Woman said...

I always hated dodgeball. Little fat kids like me are the easiest targets... LOL

I hate being labeled.

Linda said...

I haven't checked this out myself, but I'm guessing I was an Alpha mom way back in the day, and now I'm slacking. I had to let go of some ideals when I started working once they were older. Trouble is, I still see all of the slackiness and it irritates me, although no one else in the world seems to care.

Denise W said...

I thought I would be a Slacker but apparently I'm Alpha, too.

I need the socks to match (my hubby wants all of his matched.)

I want everything folded - underwear, sheets, t-shirts, etc. I have found out that some moms don't care.

I like my kids to wear "church clothes." This means that my son has a separate closet. That's just the way it is.

I agree with you - live and let live. May the Alphas out there let up a little and may the Slackers reject that name.

Linda said...

I nominated you as a Rockin' Girl Blogger!

Anonymous said...

Great post! I agree completely! I guess I'm somewhere in the middle. My kid's wash cloth and bath towel have to match, but I let him eat off the floor.

Maybe that's not Slacker Mom v. Alpha Mom at all, but something much deeper-rooted?? :-)

Enjoy your blog. I lurk a lot, but am not sure I've ever commented!

Roxanne said...

Let's see. . .I have missed out on the whole "Mommy Wars" thing because I was busy being am "Ambidextrous Mom"--simultaneously alphaing and slacking. I planned and administrated VBS, but I neglected my children for two weeks to do so. I attended and taught at Kid's Kamp from Sunday until today where I played Transformers by my little boy to his heart's content while being available for my daughter should she need me, but I've been on the computer since we've been home. . .oh, except for when I answered the door to pay the pizza delivery gal.