Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tagged for 8 Random Things

Sista Cala tagged me to share 8 random things about me. Let's see. Hmmm... what have I not revealed so far?

1. I always wanted to be a Rockette.

2. I like the smell of swimming pools and play dough, but not at the same time.

3. I have an uncanny ability to remember stuff, not important stuff, just stuff.

4. I love to fish.

5. My husband says I have a high-pitched snap. It really gets on his nerves.

6. When I am old, I want to be one of those ladies who wear a big hats in church and old pins with pearls.

7. I don't eat Miracle Whip.

8. I'm not afraid of snakes, but I don't like them.

Hey, it's biblical. That Eve!

1 comment:

Sista Cala said...

That last line really made me smile. "that EVE". We can get away with all kinds of things because of her. lol