Saturday, June 02, 2007

"World's Best Aunt"

Go ahead and make me a t-shirt, Brenda.

I'm just sayin.' LOL

I'll be gone for a few days, internets, because I am going to see my sweet niece, Molly before she grows up and goes off to college.

There's going to be a lot of "Ain't she precious?" and "Gimme sugar."

That child just has no idea.

One day, years from now, she'll be tugging her mama's skirt saying,"Mommy, is that the crazy aunt who drools all over me and pinches my cheeks?"

"Yep. She's the one."



Big Mama said...

Well, better to be the aunt that drool and pinches cheeks rather than the aunt who stays in the midst of a wildfire evacuation to get her hair done. I'm just saying...

Brenda said...

Oooh, great idea! I could use one of those myself. My 7-yr-old niece is staying with me for the summer, and I'm loving it.

Enjoy your visit. She'll be grown before you know it.