Thursday, June 07, 2007

My cat is Cujo.

Some people have cute and cuddly kittens who mew and purr.

Some people have sweet, old cats who sleep on sun drenched sofas.

We have Maggie.

I picked her up from the kennel this afternoon and I felt a little like the parent who gets a call from school in the middle of the day. A call that goes something like this-

"M'am? This is Mrs. Peabody, the school principal. You need to come pick up Maggie right now. She has terrorized the entire school."

Maggie hates the kennel now. When she was a kitten, she loved it. The staff actually looked forward to her staying. Small children would drop by after school just to pet Maggie. Seriously, she was the belle of the ball.

Now, when we get out of the car with the carrier, the kennel staff peers out the office window and gasps in sheer terror. One time I walked in with Maggie, and I promise you, I think I saw one of them pop a nerve pill.

It was no shock to me when my husband came home the other day and said he had to get Maggie out of the carrier and put her in her cat cage. She hissed and arched her old lady back in her kitty cat protest. So I knew when I went to pick her up today that the news would not be good.

The lady at the front desk showed me Maggie's chart. These were the entries-


"Not happy."



"Ask owner to take her out and put her in her carrier."

Not what a mother wants to hear when she walks in the Principal's office. I apologized profusely. The sweet staff member reassured me that there were many cats just like Maggie. In fact, she owns one of them.

She said,"The last time my cat was here, the last entry in her record was 'Spawn of Satan."

This is supposed to make me feel better?

I went back and got Maggie out of her cage. As soon as she heard my voice, she meowed her pitiful "meow" and climbed right into her own little carrier. The kennel technician was in awe.

Some people are frightened by the sight of a white doctor's coat or a nurse's uniform. My cat is terrified of colorful scrub tops decorated with happy kittens and puppies.

Sweet. Mercy.


Jessica said...

Oh my goodness! That made me laugh! Have a great weekend!

Grafted Branch said...


~~ Lily ~~ said...

Hilarious. Thanks for the laugh!

Southern Girl said...

Poor Maggie! We had an orange cat named Daisy who I'm pretty sure WAS the Spawn of Satan, but she was that way all the time to everyone. Still, she did seem to save her absolute best behavior for the kennel.

sprymary said...

Too funny!! The "canine" side of Maggie doesn't contain the "eager to please" trait.

Susanne said...

Poor Maggie. She just likes her routine and her own comfy bed. :v)

Linda said...

Who can blame them, really?

Linda said...

Who can blame them, really? also, in that Google ad, it says, "Indiana cats." Is that a personalized ad for me?

Laurel Wreath said...

I love it, sounds like MY cat. Except when we get home my cat tells me all about it for about a half hour (non stop meowing...).

Brenda said...

Well, at least it's your cat and not your daughter. LOL

Lana said...

Dogs are the same! We had a dog who knew when she was going to the vet. As soon as we drove into the parking lot she freaked - every single time! How do they know?

Lana G!

Janelle said...

That is so funny! We had a dog that convinced us he was an alien. My brother actually found an article in the TABLOIDS titled, "How To Tell If Your Pet Is An Alien." Surprisingly, that dog scored 100. He flunked obedience training, but passed the alien test. Go figure.