Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Should Be Doing Right Now Other Than Blogging

1. Cleaning house. I shudder to think how many times I will have to empty the gift from above called Dyson. The dust bunnies have reproduced like, well, rabbits, while I have been trotting up and down the Interstate.

2. Grocery shopping. The kids next door came over the other day and all I had to feed them was PB & J. And I'm Southern.

3. Laundry. So that I can wear something other than pajamas at the grocery store.

4. Catching up on some sleep. The daughter decided she wanted me to sleep on her trundle last night, then decided to fall on me while I was in a deep sleep. AND SHE STAYED THERE.

Very comfortable. But whoever said Motherhood was comfortable?

5. Since #1-3 are a priority, #4 will have to wait, so I guess I should be drinking my second cup of coffee. Shout out to Linda! :>)

6. Seeking snake repellant or therapy for my husband.

We have a small lake out back and it seems it attracts snakes. Go figure. Being a southerner, I don't mind snakes as long as all the bad ones are, you know, dead. I just know when to get the hoe. I also told daughter where they like to hide and find food. We took a little snakey tour of the yard, clapping our hands and making lots of noise.

My husband isn't quite as comfortable with the subject. He isn't afraid of them. Let's just say he has brought home some print outs to identify the bad snakes and has shared that a neighbor just killed a rattler. One could say, it's on his mind.

7. Doing a puzzle as I am being paged by the offspring who falls on you in the night and still wakes up chipper.

8. Learn to be a morning person.

9. Get my third cup of coffee.

10. Give up on thirteen and just shoot for ten. I'm not a quitter...

11. Plan menu for family visiting today.

12. Start on #3

13. So I can move on to #2.



Southern Girl said...

If you find a speckled King snake in your backyard snake haven, don't kill it! They make excellent pets...give 'em a baby mouse now and then and they're yours for life. ;)

Tammy said...

Oh, too cute, Melanie! I could have written this same list....except that I'm giggling over the trundle bed episode! :)

Oh, and I just downed the last sip of my second cup of coffee as I typed this. (waving to Linda) :)

Nancy said...

getting to thirteen is always a challenge unless I put all the things I've procrastinated on it. :)

Roxanne said...

Bless your heart. . ."I know when to get the hoe. . ." classic southerner even if you DID have to serve PBJ. :)

Susanne said...

Having my daughter fall on me while I was sleeping would have scared the living daylights out of me. You sound quite calm about the whole experience. :v)

Snakes. Ewwww. I won't send you the pic of a supposed rattler they found about a hundred miles from where I live.