Friday, June 29, 2007

Rated G for All Guests

We invited one of my daughter's friends to come home with us from VBS. They have known each other since their toddler years. The little girl's mom and I have been close friends as well and we've worked on many ministries together, including directing VBS one year. (Mental note- save that story for another post.)

After a trip through the drive-thru at the oh-so-tasty-and-not-so-nutritious fast food restaurant that serves Joyful Meals, the girls came home and played. At one point, they were just plain tired from the summer heat and I suggested a movie.

I offered for our guest to select the movie.

In a matter of fact statement of clear conviction, she said,"I don't know. Let me see. You might have some movies here that I'm not allowed to watch."

*Swallow Burst of Laughter*

"I think we're OK."



Big Mama said...

I love that you stopped and picked up "Joyful Meals" before you came home to peruse your questionable movie selections.

Linda said...

This is pretty cute. We were very selective about what movies our kids would watch, and they would go to other people's houses and freeze with anxiety when one would come out that they knew we probably wouldn't allow. They like to tell me these stories now. Because of course, I made gazillions of parenting mistakes.

Roxanne said...

We have never briefed our children on the movie rating system, but this year in his class, my son had a friend with older brothers. My boy became quite concerned with the "G, PG, PG-13" ratings of all of our videos.

Unbeknownst to him, I'd been screening all these years while he watched in oblivious bliss. He was so impressed.

Tammy said...

Too funny...apparently you all have some kind of PG reputation you need to overcome! (heehee- just kidding!)

I just nominated you, Melanie...come on over! :)

Susanne said...

*grin* Sounds like it was at our house when they were little.