Thursday, June 21, 2007

And we use to walk uphill to our one room schoolhouse, both ways.

When we moved into our new house, we really didn't know what to expect.

Snakes. Turtles. Great bird watching.

And some of the sweetest neighbors anyone could ask for.

The day we first arrived with our aching backs and our rented truck, one neighbor brought us spaghetti dinner. It was so delicious. My husband and I could have rustled up just about anything to eat that night, but I was so thankful that our daughter had a homecooked meal.

We woke up the next morning to the smell of a warm, cinnamon coffee cake made by another sweet neighbor. It's like I moved next door to Martha Stewart and Paula Deen!

Since we've been settling in, both of our neighbors have expressed genuine hospitality. They have been so sweet. One of them (I'll call her Mrs. Coffee Cake) has the most wonderful children, including two girls close to my daughter's age.

The girls hit if off right from the start. They have similar temperaments and interests and I couldn't ask for sweeter playmates for my daughter.

Today they came over to play on the Slip N Slide. If you were a kid in the 70's, you know what I'm talking about. But let me tell ya, friends. The new Slip N Slide is totally rocking. It is inflated for cushioning so that you don't run and land flat on your stomach and knock the breath out of yourself. It also has a little pool at the end so you slide into a shallow, refreshing pool of water instead of onto the itchy grass.

If it didn't read "Not for Adult Use" I would seriously be putting on my suit and doing some sliding myself.

Today I overheard my daughter tell her friend, "My mommy said that when she was little, her Slip N Slide was boring. You had to slide on the hard ground and there was no pool at all. It wasn't fun."

Yes, we kids from the Stone Age didn't have these new-fangled toys. No, m'am.

We had toys that literally stopped us from breathing or caused the collapse of a lung as we fell forward, flat on our face and slid off into the grass or the hard ground.

We had a toy spring falsely labeled as "Fun for a girl or a boy."

We had Barbie with tan lines.

We had plastic, boxing robots.

We had Atari.

And we didn't even wear a helmet when we rode our bikes.




{Karla} said...

and we were able to ride around in the back window of the car!!!


Susanne said...

I remember our pool was a big tin tub that barely fit me and my sister. But many happy hours were spent in there or the oscillating sprinkler. Unlike the kids in my dayhome who would much rather have the backyard blowup 10 ft high water slide they saw at Costco.

Linda said...

As the eons come and go, some components of society get better, some worse. Glad to know Slip-N-Slide joined the good forces!