Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And I thought the term "Old Maid" was insensitive.

We're an exciting bunch here at my house. Most nights you can find us playing a game of Sorry or Uno but when we're really edgy, you'll see us gathered around the coffee table playing Old Maid.

I played a lot of Old Maid as a kid but somehow I missed the significance of the images on the cards.

Did you know they are all circus freaks?

You did? Well, I bet you sat at the front of the class.

We have a new card deck with a vintage look, so technically the pictures on the cards are new and made to look old. Not that it is important. Just keeping you in the loop.

Here are a few of the characters.

The Fat Lady, Midget Man, Dancing Bear, Standing Elephant, Bareback Rider and Trained Seal.

There are enough politically incorrect images there for every special interest group to rally.

And tell me one more thing. Why is a sweet old lady hanging out with circus freaks? Did the carnies reject her?

It's just wrong. So wrong.


Laura said...

ha ha I have no idea what "old maid" is I just remember getting the decks of cards with my value meal as a kid. However I can invision an old lady at the circus, lost and confussed.

TexasRed said...

Maybe she's secretly the power behind the circus. I've already warned my husband that I'm getting pink dredlocks and tattoos for my 60th birthday.

Maybe I'll pick up a carnival, too...

pcb said...

You know, you're right. As a child, I never gave a thought about why the circus freaks were on the cards. Hope the PC police don't raid y'all's (like that double apostrophe?) late night games!

Susanne said...

LOL. Well, now I have to go dig up the Old Maid cards and take a look.

thechickadeefeeder said...

Oh, I remember these!!! We had these when I was a kid, but then I never questioned the characters...