Sunday, March 15, 2009

Live blogging from my couch

Hubs and I are channel surfing. Well, he is surfing since he has the remote and is complete control of the entertainment situation. I have the LapTop, so we're even.

We're watching a show about the bot fly. Wish I had not eaten that Lean Cuisine Sweet and Sour Chicken.

OK. He's watching. I'm looking away.

LaLaLaLa....not looking. Not listening.

Convinced him to change the channel. What's up with the Sunday night schedule?

Now we're watching a show with cheesy entertainers. Lady dancing. Man dancing. Now there's a man sitting on a stool on a stage wearing a white paper hat.

I look at Hubs.

Hubs says,"I wonder who painted that stool? It's gonna bug me."

Changes channel again.

"We'll come back for the credits."

Join us on Saturdays when we watch Lawrence Welk.

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Roxanne said...

"We'll come back for the credits."