Thursday, March 26, 2009

Extreme weather conditions give me a chance to work on my Spanish.

Right now I am listening to the sweet sounds of laundry. The washing machine is up and running and I am keeping my fingers crossed. I planned to shop for one today but my daughter and I are catching up on things around here like just vegging out on the couch.

I'm also getting ready for what they say could be blizzard conditions. My only experience with blizzards is from Dairy Queen and Little House books. So I plan to stock up on coal, kerosene and ice cream.

And, yes, it is Spring Break. Someone please tell Al for me.

My in-laws and sweet niece are headed home today. I have to say that my in-laws are brave to fly the friendly skies with a 2 year-old. That, or they have suffered head injuries. I didn't fly anywhere with my daughter until she was old enough to read Sky Magazine, which was good because it helped Hubs relax.

Even though it has been a while since I've had a toddler in the house, it was a total joy. I had forgotten the things they do and say, the looks they give you when you've said "no," and the sweet way they take your hand just to walk into the next room.

It's just squishy sweetness.

And I'd forgotten how badly I wanted Barney to be extinct. My niece loves Barney and Baby Bop. I realized during the visit that I had never really watched Barney voluntarily. My daughter wasn't into the Purple Guy but she made up for it with Dora.

To this day I have a post traumatic stress reaction whenever I see a backpack.

I'm still waiting for the episode when CPS shows up because who on earth sends their kid out into the woods with a monkey and even expects her to pack her own bag?

Hello, Papa? Mama?

Every few episodes Abuela makes an appearance but it is only because she is waiting for Dora to bring her something. Grandma needs her pills.

The least she could do is bake some cookies.

Which reminds me that I should go and get ready for this blizzard. I need to check that we have plenty of staple foods like Diet Coke and snacks. I just might make some cookies. Unlike Abuela.

Mi Cookie es Su Cookie.

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Shannon said...

Have you seen the new 'tween version of Dora. Yeah. For real. The 'tween version.