Friday, March 06, 2009

What's in the bag?

TRS of Single Solitary Things tagged me for the purse meme a while back. I am so slow at these things, but alas I am posting.

The idea is to describe all the things that are in your purse. It is a good thing the meme does not ask the husbands to describe what is in their wife's purse. My husband would make up weird things that could be in there. He would never really know what is in there. He says it's scary.

I just changed purses to the pink and green Vera Bradley I bought last Spring. It has been in the 80's here in SmallTown and I needed some bright cheery colors. The winter blahs are, well, blah.

So here goes. What's in my purse-

1. My wallet. It is red. I bought a red wallet a few years ago because I was tired of searching for it in a big bag. Unless I carry a red purse or cut my hand and bleed profusely in my purse, I will always be able to find this wallet.

2. Several tubes of lipstick in the peachy, pink and reddish families. Plus, one neutral. Always Be Prepared is not just the Boy Scout motto.

3. Receipts. Lots of them. Mostly from the grocery store because the cashiers INSIST on handing me the receipt instead of putting it in the grocery bag. Of course, they are not to blame for the fact that I never clean out of my purse.

4. Monopoly game cards from the same grocery store. (We have one major chain grocery store here. I'm in a rut.)

5. Lint. I will never understand how lint gets in my purse. Where does it come from? It's not like I carry a beach towel in there.

6. Various pens which may or may not have ink in them.

7. Cover Girl compact in Creamy Natural.

8. A Kleenex. (unused.)

9. Cell phone that needs charging.

10. Trident whitening gum, peppermint flavor.

That's about it. Boring but not scary.

I was hoping I would find a money clip with hundred dollar bills but that would be in some other woman's purse. And I don't make a habit of looking in other women's purses. You could get arrested for that.

Want to play along with the purse meme? Leave a link in the comments.


Katie said...

That is a great post. I never understood how lint was able to get in to my purse as well. I do not carry anything that is lint producing in there.

My husband would also describe my purse as scary. He nor my children are allowed in my purse. Personally I think that the grocery reciepts that are crammed in there might attack them and take over if they tried to find something in there.

Kimberly said...

I have one of those bags, where I carry everything! Sad but true. I'm known as the one to go to if you need anything, because I probably have it!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Why are you carrying my purse? All except number 4. Lately I always have a crossword, too.