Monday, March 02, 2009

It's not what's for dinner.

Your comments about mail order meat made me laugh out loud. I never knew how fun beef could be.

The other day there was a knock at the door. I could see some sort of truck out front and a man standing on our doorstep. I usually don't open the door for strangers unless they are dressed in brown, but I could see the work truck in the street.

I opened the door and a gentleman asked me,"This is going to sound strange, but do you eat steak?"

Blank stare from me.

He pointed to a logo on his shirt and said,"I'm from insert quirky company title here. Would you like to buy some steaks?"

I completely interrupted, "I'm not interested."

"Are you sure? Steak? Fish? Chicken?" he pleaded, "it's half price."

"No thanks," I said and closed the door.

He turned and walked next door to the next unsuspecting housewife.

First the emails. Now they are trying to sell meat to me door-to-door. Really. This is getting a little creepy. Who knows what kind of E. Coli outbreak could be in the back of that truck.

Besides, my mother always taught me never to take meat from strangers.


Anonymous said...

Where's your sense of adventure? :-)

Roxanne said...

Yeah. . .in Texas there are meat vendors. I haven't seen one in awhile. The only kind of meat I ever took straight out of the back of a truck was what Daddy brought home from the woods.