Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I refuse the Ma Ingalls look.

You know what's really great when you've let the laundry go for days? The washing machine stands up in defiance, shakes its agitated fist and quits.

But not until after you've washed an entire load of wash.

In the words of Bill O'Reilly, the spins stops right here.

I put a load of wash in the machine, went back to discover that they were all nice and clean but soaking wet. The spin cycle had died and gone to Maytag heaven.

So now Hubs and my father-in-law are tinkering in the garage, trying to fix it to hold us over a few days until we can take the time to buy a new washer.

Since I haven't bought a washing machine in 15 years, I'd like to know what y'all think. What do you like? Brands? Models?

Any tips? I'd love to hear!

Thanks, Internet Peeps.


Ranelle said...

I just got a new washer and dryer last month (yeah!), and I absolutely love them! They're Frigidaire, the Affinity model. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. Plus, they were on sale at Best Buy, which made them even better.

Lenore Buth at www.awomansview.typepad.com said...

Washers always die in the middle of loads, dontcha know? I think it's a law of nature...

Vee said...

I just had to replace my washer and dryer. They died within 2 days of each other! After reading lots of reviews, I went with the BOSCH brands. LOVE THEM!!!

Roxanne said...

My spin cycle did the SAME EXACT THING two days after we moved into our new house. Fun times. Some guy came and replaced some part and said to prepare to buy a new one within the next year or two, so keep me updated on your pick.

Shannon said...

I prefer the kind that does all the laundry FOR you, and then folds it and puts it away. If you find out where they're selling those, please let me know. ;)

TRS said...

I don't have my own laundry - but allow me to place a vote for front loaders!!!
Energy and water efficient and my mom swears hers clean better.

Testimony: My parents are farmers in Nebraska. My entire life, dad's work jeans were sort of a blue tinged tan. When mom bought a front loader (Sears) she called me exclaiming that dad's work jeans were in fact BLUE!!!

You be the judge.

And being on my HOA board, we replaced the washers in my building with front loaders - they use 15 gals of water per load as opposed to 22 gallons per load for the old washers.

Brooke said...

i bought mine last year (bought a foreclosure and the previous owners took their when they left) but i couldn't tell you the model sorry!

Karen said...

Love my LG front loader. Sometimes the clothes feel almost completely dry when I take them out. So of course, drying time is much shorter than usual.