Sunday, September 16, 2007

Comment of the Week

Sometimes the comments are so much better than the blog material.

Today is the first Sunday I will award "Comment Of The Week."

Kudos to Steffj89 for her great comment to this post.

"We live far enough out in the country that my hubby gave me snake shooting I am not 100% sure where or when I will have call to use do ya trap one in your house while ya go get the gun? and chances are if i am seeing one in the yard if the guns not on me I am too far away from him anyway.

The result of the snake shooting practice...if it had been a live snake rather than a garden hose it would have had time to eat a village before *I* actually shot it. I did ok with the rifle, but the pistol i am supposed to use??? i couldnt hit the tree 4 feet in front of me and its about 2 ft around....LOLOL" Steff

Steff, I sure hope you have a blog. If not, please start one. You are a hoot! :>)

1 comment:

Melissa said...

I just found your blog today! I love it!! I'm a Southern Girl too, born and bred!!

This comment reminds me of this past spring. We had planted our first "big" garden, but we had a varmint groundhog stealing the garden-y goodness!! My hubby taught me how to shoot his .22 and instructed me to sit out by the garden every evening to try to shoot him!! It actually worked. I got that sucker!!

Anyway, I've enjoyed reading your posts! I'll be added you to my blogroll!!