Sunday, September 02, 2007

Shhh...Mum's the word.

Updated to add- Pictures to follow when it is all done. :>)

It feels like it's the middle of July, but according to my calendar, it is the 2ND of September. Therefore, I have begun decorating for my second favorite time of the year (nothing beats Jesus' Birthday!).

Yes, M'am. It is time for Fall.

I packed up the Summer pillows from the porch and put away the gardenia wreath from the door. Even the cushions in the wicker chairs are different. I will let y'all in on a little secret- OK. Come a little closer... those cushions on my porch that look brand new are just the same ones, only loosely covered with an old tablecloth and fabric remnants. I'm cheap.

And I am already scheming about what I'll use for Christmas cushions.

So the white wicker chairs and settee have new, ahem, cranberry cushions to match the wonderfully inexpensive mums I found at Home Depot.

Shameless plug- Home Depot has HUGE potted mums at the unbelievable price of $2.49! Hurry now while supplies last.

Plus, if the mums were not enough, I found some great deals on cute Fall Decor at JoAnn's Fabrics. Cute! Reusable! Cheap! Good Stuff, People!

So now we can sit on the porch next to the scarecrows and the fall leaves as we wipe the gallons of perspiration from our brows and swat the mosquitoes. Yeah. Fall may not be in the air, but it has arrived on my front porch.

It's a cornucopia of autumn whimsy.


Janelle said...

I am ready to decorate, too. Only its still 95 degrees and I don't want to be outside long enough to enjoy it. Maybe I will wait another week.

I bet your porch is gorgeous!

ValleyGirl said...

My, you've been busy this weekend! It sounds beautiful! Are you going to share pictures?

Brenda said...

Oh yes, pictures, please! I'm loving the weather lately. After a month of 100-degree temps, mid-90s feels pretty good.

Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

Because I need one more thing to do this week! ;)

I'll catch up with you at the beginning of October, o.k.?

I can't believe that we've enjoyed a milder (if not wetter) summer than most of the rest of the country. Glad we didn't move when we thought we couldn't take it anymore.

I was looking for a picture...

Susanne said...

When September hits I'm ready for the fall stuff. I don't care that it's still hot outside, it is fall and I want it to look like it.

Your porch sounds lovely.

Lynne said...

I can hardly wait to see pictures. I've just found more time in my day (well 3 days per week) as my 4 are in preschool. My front porch is on my to-do list. I need some good ideas.