Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thirteen things I wish I could put on my refrigerator

1. My daughter's smile.

2. The feeling I get when I see her do the right thing when she doesn't know I am looking.

3. Her spontaneous hugs.

4. A Fall day outside when we find leaves or just decide to dig in the dirt.

5. The moment we released a butterfly after watching it grow as a caterpillar and form a chrysalis.

6. The look on her face when her Daddy comes home from work.

7. The moments she tells me how much she loves Jesus.

8. The peacefulness of her sleeping.

9. The sounds of giggles as she plays with her sweet friends.

10. The scent of her soft, baby hair after a bath.

11. The overwhelming, drowning joy just moments after her birth.

12. Every card, every drawing, every Play-doh sculpture she has ever made.

13. The humble gratefulness to God for giving me just a moment with one of His precious children.


tAnYeTTa said...

this is so perfect. what a sweet post.

{Karla} said...

how sweet... unlike my 13 today... I'm confessing 13 Guilty Parenting Secrets!!!


Susanne said...

That list just made me smile.

Linda said...

It seems like you've been very wistful lately. I love the way you share your gratitude.