Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The day that changed everything.

September 11.

A day that changed so many lives forever.

We all know where we were that day, but I want to ask you this- Where are you today?

Today could be the day that changes your life for eternity. Watch this and search your heart.



Aunt Boo said...

I was at work. At that time we did not have a TV or a radio so we had to get the news from people coming in or family calling. I can remember the sense of hopelessness that I felt that day and for months afterwards.

I will never forget.


ValleyGirl said...

Why does it always take tragedy to bring people closer together? Why is it so natural to return to our habits of being unapproachable and uncaring to the people we don't know well?

9/11/01 did change our world, and yet, for most of us, it's right back where it was before that one horrible event. How unfortunate that we don't dedicate our lives to the change that brings us closer together.