Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thirteen Things You Will Never See On TV

1. Britney hosting Thanksgiving dinner with Martha Stewart.

2. Billy Graham Crusades bloopers and outtakes.

3. The Barbara Walters/Apprentice Special

4. Vera Wang on What Not To Wear

5. The Project Runway Last Minute Costume Making Challenge

6. Dateline Investigates: Lost Socks In The Dryer

7. PBS Special: Methane Gas- How Chili Cook-offs Contribute to Global Warming

8. Rock, Paper, Scissors- America Chooses Their Next US President

9. Extreme Home Makeover- The White House

10. Dancing With The Stars- Chicken Dance Edition

11. A commercial for air

12. Special Offer: Gallon of Gasoline- Buy One Get One Free

13. Made For TV Movie- Webster's Dictionary


ValleyGirl said...

Britney and Martha doing the last-minute costume making challenge -- now THAT would be a fun time!!!

{Karla} said...

oh you are a funny funny girl ;0)

I couldn't pick a favorite if your forced me to...

I did my first T13 in FOR-EVAH! today.


Southern Girl said...

ROFL! That was hilarious...#1 is my favorite. Poor, poor Britney...

My TT is up, too:

Susanne said...

Too funny!

Linda said...

Melanie--you are nuts! In a good, no, great, way!!! About Number 11--they do sell purifiers, though!

Dreama said...

How do you come up with this stuff??? I love it!!!!

2boysmama said...

I think there might be a commercial for air out there somewhere! purified air, pure oxygen, oxygen bar, something!

chickadee said...

i saw vera wang on oprah and they showed her closet and some of her clothes and i was thinking how she broke all the rules of what not to wear. she buys clothes one size too big, wears ugly hats and Leggings! but you're right, she would never be on the show because you can get away with crazy if you're a designer.