Thursday, July 31, 2008

Because a list is as good as I can do right now.

The last few days have been so busy that I believe there is an actual cyclone swirling around me. In fact, they may name a major hurricane for me.

Hurricane Melanie, Cat-5. Forget boarding up your windows. Just get out of her way.

I have been going, going and now I am gone. If I were a rapper they would name me Poop Dog.

See? The fatigue is affecting me.

Here is a list of things I have done today.

1. Sold a car. Signed papers in the rain. Avoided lightning strikes.

2. Sprayed Easy Off to clean my oven later. HATE cleaning the oven. HATE it.

3. Picked up comforter from the cleaners.

4. Went to the drug store.

5. Took child to the doctor for final check-up.

6. Went to Target and bought kitty litter pads because I have to move with a huge cat with kidney issues. (Don't tell the Hampton Inn!)

7. Got the Venti Mocha, non-fat, add the whip.

8. Grilled pork tenderloin for dinner.

9. Cleaned the fish bowl.

10. Made pot of coffee that I am about to enjoy.

Ahhh... blogging, coffee and HGTV. Relaxation awaits.

How was your day?


Smilingsal said...

My day was not as frantic as yours.

Chris said...

Oh Melanie,

I had me a Starbucks mishap today.

A friend of mine, thinking she was being oh, so very kind, bought me a grande iced caramel macchiato instead of the venti iced nonfat mocha w/whipped that I so adore and would, yea verily, give my right little toe for at times.

You will be happy to know that I was nothing but gracious as I drank it down, and it really wasn't half bad. It just wasn't RIGHT somehow....

PJ said...

If I manage to blog will be a list!!!

Roxanne said...

Although I'm sure your grilled pork was perfection, sounds like you deserved dinner out. :) I think I have said before that I am NOT coffee drinker. Once an acquaintance came to discuss some business stuff and did me the HUGE favor of bringing me an iced coffee with tons of SUGAR in it. I choked my way through half of it. I am glad that you enjoyed yours COMPLETELY, whip and all.
Been thinking of you.:)

Why 2nd Cup of Coffee? said...

You picked up a comforter from the cleaners? You mean a person can actually do that instead of what I did? You and that cat crack me up. Did you see the 44-lb cat in the news this week?

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Good for you, stopping to get a Starbucks in the middle of all that!

And wrapping it up for the day with a blog and a hot cup of coffee. What could be better??

Jen said...

You've been tagged for a MeMe from Today at Jen's House --


Susanne said...

Things are a swirling around here too. I have so much on my list I don't know whether I'm coming or going. So what am I doing? Sitting here reading and commenting. Isn't that what all good bloggers do when overwhelmed with to do lists?

The Broken Man said...

Sounds like a manic day. Enjoy your relaxation time.

The Broken Man

mandy said...

i could live off of venti mochas!