Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It was a great shopping experience, except for the heaving.

School starts in just a few weeks and in the middle of it all, we will be packing up and moving. We'll arrive at our new home days before school begins, so our shopping opportunities are slipping away.

So yesterday we headed for the mall for some nice fall-ish clothes that do not cause heat stroke. To the people who have decided school should start in August, the hottest month of the year, I have one question for you.

Are you mad?

Before we began our capri shopping trek, we stopped at Chick-Fil-A. When we walked up to the counter, I knew there was a problem.

An entire area of the food court was roped off and a huge Zamboni-like mop thingy was parked in the middle. A man was fiddling with the cap of a drain with his foot. I never saw anything coming from the drain, but I suspected that something foul could emerge at any moment.

After we got our delicious nuggets, we walked away, far, far away from the Zamboni Zone and found a table. I opened up my Meal #5 and saw the source of the problem. The restrooms were closed and a huge sign blocked the entrance.

Let's put it all together.

Roped off region. Zamboni. Drain. Closed restrooms.

EWWWWW! All I can figure is that the restrooms were backing up or about to back up into the food court. FOOD COURT. Right next to my beloved Chick-Fil-A.


We scarfed down our meals from far, far away and I saw a man begin to drive the Zamboni. Another man stood by with a mop.

Um, yeah. Like that's going to do anything.

We didn't stay long enough to actually observe the cleaning. Thank goodness.

We finished our lunch from a distance and took a detour to our favorite stores, where we did find some great fall-ish clothes for school.

Shopping for fall clothes in July while watching a Zamboni.


Nope. This is my life.


LeAnne said...

I'm gonna have to second the "are you mad" sentiment. The teachers here went back to school yesterday and the kids will return next week. I saw a teacher at the local elementary school yesterday afternoon lugging an armful of stuff from her must have been at least a thousand degrees (with the heat index and all). Poor teachers and can you think when you are melting? Anyway, congrats on a successful shopping trip and i'm glad you avoided whatever was about to emerge from those bathrooms...ick!!

Tales From the Eurovan said...

Hello! I just found your blog. I live in Texas and yes I can't believe our kids go back to school in August when it's like 110 degrees out! Take care, Julie

Roxanne said...

BEen thinking of you. Glad you at least got to have some Chik Fil A.

Susanne said...

We don't start back until after the long weekend in September, but September around here is still hot. Well, hot for us, which apparently according to a comment I read today somewhere is like winter in Texas. It's all relative I guess.

Does buying a great purse out for the fall season count as fallish school shopping? 'Cause if it does, then I'm done! :v)

MarySnyder-Joy Filled Life said...

Okay - I'm trying to get this picture out of my head... yucko! How's that for some serious eloquence!
Back to the school comment -- what are these people thinking?! My daughter starts on August 7th. That's the first week of August. What happened to Labor Day? And even September is hot here in the deep south, but Sept does have the ocassional day below the sweltering temperature mark.

Oh and also, we have Spring Break in mid April -- which is only about 4 weeks before we let school out in May, so we can be back the first week of August. do I seem a little bitter? No, just hot and sweaty! It makes me cranky.

Didn't mean to take it out on your blog.... sorry