Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Works for Me: Passing Along Books and Magazines

My daughter loves to read. She has received many books as gifts. There are some she keeps and reads again. For the rest, we pass them along.

1. Be sure the books are still in good (almost great!) condition.

2. Call your local library and ask if they would like a donation. Many do not take them for their shelves, but use them towards a book sale fundraiser.

3. Ask your school's librarian if they would like them.

4. If there is a children's home or shelter in your area, ask them if they would like children's books as well. Always make sure the books do not contain any violent material. (Even Spiderman could be scary in their situation.)

5. Magazines can be collected and given to hospitals. Be sure to call first. Ask for the hospital's volunteer coordinator.

6. If there is a prison in your area, you or your church may want to collect appropriate books and magazines for inmates. Be sure to check first. Some areas have a prison ministry in place.

No matter where you decide, always, always, always call ahead. They may not need the books or are unable to accept them for other reasons. Many agencies and organizations have policies in place about donations.

For more tips, see Shannon.


Wani said...

Great idea!

Carol said...

I love this! Great way to recycle.

PaperBack Swap lets you list books that people can request and request books others have. It's a great way to swap books - even kids' books. There's a link with an icon at the bottom left of my sidebar. It's been awesome!

PJ said...

Cool ideas!!! (Even if you ain't in New york!)

Homesteader in Training said...

I am a self diagnosed magazine addict lol. I have cut my subscriptions down to 2 but when I get what I want from them I make sure to pass them on. Unless one or two have striking ideas and or recipes in them then I keep the treasured few. I love cookbooks too but I don't usually pass them on because I use them often. Great post.