Monday, July 07, 2008

O'er the ramparts we watched.

Last year we moved into our house shortly before the 4th of July. Most of the furniture was arranged and a few what-nots were in place when all of the neighborhood festivities began.

My husband was out of town, so daughter and I stayed home for the day. We grilled hamburgers and I made apple pie.

Well, Mrs. Callender made it. I just warmed it up for her.

The sun started to set when we heard a pop, then another, and another. The neighbors were setting off fireworks.

Now, these were no wimpy fireworks. These fireworks went up in the air and all. Over the trees. Like those fancy ones they set off at the city park.

Daughter and I grabbed a blanket and ran outside. We sat in her fort and watched as the party began. It was all fun and roses until the bugs decided to join the party. We rolled up our blanket, went inside, and sat in our upstairs family room in front of the window.

For hours.

It was good, comfortable, American fun.

So this year we were just tickled to tell hubs about the fabulous fireworks we'd get to enjoy from the comforts of home. We pulled up our upholstered chairs to the upstairs window, along with the ottoman and waited. In the air conditioning. Without mosquitoes. While eating brownies.

The 4th is all about remembering sacrifice.

The fireworks were even better than last year. They soared up over the trees, reflecting in the pond out back in shades of red, white and blue.

It was quite the display of pyrotechnic patriotism. The neighbors won't be able to afford to send their kids to college, but hey, it was totally worth it.

Hubs fell asleep in the chair. I tucked daughter in for bed. She lay awake, watching the fireworks from her window. Within a few minutes, she drifted off to sleep as the display of dangerous entertainment continued.

It was a fine 4th indeed.

Forget the pie. I'll have a slice of good, old-fashioned, air-conditioned, bug-free Americana right here.


nancygrayce said...

I'm with you! We had a great hot dog 4th with my MIL and family, then came home before the fireworks to miss the post fireworks traffic!

Susanne said...

Now that's my kind of show! Around here they don't have neighborhood fireworks.

LeAnne said...

you, of course, are welcome for the shout out on my blog...i love to read your blog and really wanted to share that piece with my friends and family. i, too, am a southern gal and i love your perspective. (i live in georgia...grew up in alabama). keep up the AWESOME bloggin'!!

Roxanne said...

I think the Founding Fathers would have appreciated some air conditioning to go with their whole signing of the Declaration of Independence--especially if it was accompanied by some pie.

Linda said...

I know this wasn't the main point of the post, but I always wonder how people can afford those elaborate fireworks. For me, I could garner as much entertainment by setting a $10 on fire and watching it burn.