Wednesday, July 23, 2008

She has a complex.

As usual, I am going to update you with Maggie's latest traumatic kennel experience.

Because I know you are biting your nails, waiting to find out just how awful it was for her.

Plus, I have absolutely nothing else to write.

We picked up Maggie yesterday at Ye Ole Patient Pet People's Kennel for the last time before we move. I asked the staff to make sure she had all of her shots while she was boarded so that she would be current for our upcoming road trip.

We are driving several days to our new home and I'd hate to pull into the Hampton Inn at midnight and have the hotel staff turn us away because Maggie was not up to date on her rabies shot.

Maybe that's what happened with Mary and Joseph; they weren't current on their shots. The "no room in the inn" line was just a facade.

Oh, yeah. That was smart. Send them to the stable with all of the animals. None of them had rabies. Sheesh.

I digress.

So anyhoo. I asked about Maggie's shots and found out that some states do not recognize the 3-year shot that Maggie got last summer. Well, you guessed it. The poor girl had to get an extra shot.

While we waited, the receptionist asked,"Is Maggie happy with you?"

I couldn't help but picture Maggie on a couch somewhere and a man with a notebook and pen recording all of her deepest thoughts...

"Feelings of abandonment?"

"Hmmm... it's all your mother's fault."

I assured the receptionist that Maggie was completely happy (as much as possible for a cat) and that she adored my daughter who, by the way, was totally cheating on Maggie, petting two kittens awaiting adoption.

Needle sticks and unfaithful owners. Someone call the ASPCA.

When I convinced the receptionist that Maggie was a happy cat, she said, "I'm glad she's happy with someone. She hates us."

Not that she took it personally or anything.

Another kennel tech spoke up,"That's how I'm going to act when I get old."

"Me, too," I said, "if someone puts me in a home, I'm going to hiss, too."

Hear that, Hubs? Prepare for the hissing when you come see me for the yearly visit in the Old Folks Home.

And, please. No shots.


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Roxanne said...

It's gone beyond scared and annoyed and funny to personal with the pet techs.

I am sure that Maggie is going to LOVE her cross-country trip. Your new Passport won't know what hit it.