Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Works for Me: Reusing Dryer Sheets

My friend T knows how much I love a good tip. She shared this one with me.

Save your used dryer sheets. Wet them generously and use them to scrub soap scum. When finished, rinse well with clean water.

You will need at least two used dryer sheets to do this. (As soon as they are wet, they will shrink up.) You can use a new one but I like the idea of recycling the old ones.

The softener dissolves the soap scum and the sheet acts as an abrasive. It also smells great!

For more awesome tips, visit Shannon.


Carol said...

Excellent tip!

ThreePts said...

I encourage you to search the internet for information on the toxic levels in your dryer sheets. You will likely never use them again.


Just Google it, there are tons of reports.

Linda said...

I like to stick a new one in my dresser drawers for the scent. Signed, June Cleaver

Erin said...

I found your post from Rocks in my Dryer...which is also where I read about Charlie's Soap. I've pretty much stopped using dryer sheets (in reality, I was almost out, too cheap to buy more and Charlie's Soap website said you didn't need them with their soap! ;))...but I thought you might like another tip. You can reuse dryer sheets on the end of a swiffer stick for hard wood floors...that tip worked for me! (Be sure not to use NEW sheets on your floors...just the used ones!)