Friday, April 18, 2008

Because this is my Father's world.

For you people who did not attend or do not plan to attend some kind of Earth Day or Arbor Day or Earth Day/Arbor Day Combo (do not have children in elementary school), um... can I come live with you?

Daughter's class had a field trip to A Combo today and I agreed to go along. You see, my field trip attendance streak is something akin to Seinfeld's vomit streak and I do not want to mess it up. I have not missed a single field trip since she was the tender age of three thankyouverymuch.

I've been to aquariums, museums, the pumpkin patch, the rodeo, McDonald's, the theatre, and many, many playgrounds with lots of sand.

Oh, and the rodeo and McDonald's was a combo of its own; the McDonald's visit included a drug bust.

Try being a chaperon on that trip and explaining to the moms who were at work or at the spa or wherever they were why we had to literally form a human wall between barefoot children playing in the human gerbil play equipment and guys from the hood being patted down by the Police.

And yelling, "LEAVE your Keds in the shoe cubbies, kids! Someone might start shooting!"

Or why you chose to sit in the booth because it provided more bullet protection.

Big Kindergarten Fun.

A field trip is like going through rush in a sorority that no one wants to pledge.

By now, I should be a Kappa Delta Mama Jama.

Here's the thing. I love spending time with my child, but I am also paranoid. I can always picture that some creepy person is out there. They are lurking in the shadows or behind the slide and I am going to be there to protect my child. Therefore, I must go to help the poor teacher who has obviously lost her mind.

Plus, you never know when you need to form a Human Wall.

So, today was no exception. I joined the class, along with several other parents, as we toured the Earth Day/Arbor Day Combo and learned how to care for the Earth.

You might be surprised, but I could be considered a crunchy conservative. I believe in God and I vote conservatively, but I still want to protect wildlife and take care of the planet because I believe in the God Who created it.

I'm just sayin.'

The exhibits today were excellent. I learned a lot. Daughter learned a lot. It was a lot of fun and no one was arrested. At least, not to my knowledge.

After all of the instruction on saving the birds from balloons and how to measure the diameter of a tree, I made sure daughter was lined up for the bus and I left to get ready for Girl Scouts.

We had our own little Combo event to take care of; we planted flowers at school.

The girls were so sweet and it was all going well until our little smart third grader found a baby bird, fallen from the nest. Everyone rushed to comfort him and we watched as he opened his tiny bird mouth, gasping for air.

We wrapped him in a pillowcase to keep him warm, thanks to the quick response of our other troop leader. She also phoned a local wildlife rescue agent who was ready to take the baby. His nest was on the edge of the roof, too high for us to return him.

So, we watched. His breaths became more labored and the girls peered over him. The grown-ups there just glanced at each other, knowing what was about to happen. And then it did. The little bird stopped breathing completely.

The girls had been playing and planting their seedlings. I didn't want to upset them right then and there, so I ushered them over to another activity and promised to watch over the bird.

I quietly took him to the car, still wrapped, planning to bury him when we got home.

I did finally tell the Scouts what happened. Most of them handled it very well. I assured them that they did help the little bird. They were with him when he died.

We came home and daughter watched as I dug a deep hole in the back yard. Her two friends next door joined us, and we buried the tiny baby bird. One by one they gingerly placed small stones in the fresh dirt and we stood over the spot in respect for a tiny, precious life.

It was surreal. Watching the end of a life given by The Creator after spending the day celebrating His Creation.

A day of celebrating His Creation with booths run by people wearing flip flops and hoping that they know The One who created the planet they are desperately trying to save.

And that through His Creation they will see that they are the ones He is so desperately trying and wanting to save.

Yeah, I'd say it was A Combo kind of day.


Susanne said...

I must live in sleepy town because our feild trips were very boring compared to yours!

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

What a great day! This trip--not so much the one to McD's. lol.

I'll have to remember that about the booths. It's much easier than making the kiddos play in a coat of mail.

Roxanne said...

Which emotion did you NOT touch in that post? I'm tired just reading it. . .and "crunchy conservative" is just so incredibly hilarious--LOVE THAT.

I must have been thinking of you, because I dreamed last night that someone I knew long ago had found a baby bird can called me to come and take care of it like my Charlie from so long ago. When I told hubby about it this morning he said, "You know. . .we are so busy that if we FOUND a baby bird that needed help right now we probably couldn't take care of it. But we would anyway." :)

I think you need to add "human wall" to your resume.

Chaotic Joy said...

Would you believe that our school has a lottery system to see which parents get to attend field trips? I believe I will steal the term "crunchy conservative" from you. I have often lamented why politicians assume I must either love our planet or love Jesus. Doesn't loving one incline you to love the other?

Great post. Sorry about the bird. And the drug bust. Ooof.

R.L.Scovens said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all!

Beautiful Craziness said...

Great post! Sounds like quite a day. Isn't it amazing what God can teach us in every situation and every day. What was a simple, fun field trip turned into quite a teacheable moment from our father. I don't know why I am always so amazed because he continues to amaze me all the time!

BTW - I added you to my blogroll. Thanks for writing, I love reading your blogs!

Linda said...

Absolutely great post! PLEASE submit this for publication. And, do you realy talk like Paula?