Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I say, I say,"What's up Doc?"

It's Spring Break at our house and honestly, I don't know who is getting the break. I know it ain't me.

Yesterday we spent the day cleaning house, doing yard work and then at Target and Publix. See? No break here.

Now it is Day Two of the break and we are scrambling for stuff to do. Daughter is watching a Looney Tunes video because nothing is better for a child's health and well being than to stay inside on a fine day sitting on the couch watching Bugs trick some fool into somethingorother.

That Bugs. He kills me.

Actually, Bugs Bunny has always been my favorite Looney Tunes character with Foghorn Leghorn running a close second (mostly because I just love saying Foghorn Leghorn.) I was an adult before I realized Leghorn or as Mama says, "Legern," is a breed of chicken.

I am bright as the morning star.

Bugs Bunny is my favorite because he is a true smart aleck, but not to the point of getting on your nerves. Kind of like Starbucks is strong coffee but not to the point of giving you a heart attack. My all time favorite is The Barber Shop One (as it is correctly filed in the archives) when Bugs gives Elmer a makeover.

So, I want to know, people. Who is your favorite Looney Tunes character? And if you say that little annoying chicken hawk, I might have to send Bugs over to give you a makeover.


Shalene said...

I don't know why, but I was never a huge fan of Looney Toons. I think because it always seemed to come on when I most wanted to go outside, and my parents weren't awake yet (I had teen parents, and they always slept in really late.) However, if I were to choose one, it would have to be Porky Pig. I just love how he can never say anything without stuttering. :) That and he's round, and piggy. Don't ask me what that means, I just like him. My mom's favorite was Wile E Coyote. (Once she grew up enough to be awake when it was on.) :) Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

Ann said...

Bugs is hands-down my favorite!! I think my favorite episode is the one where Bugs and the "little red monster" play Jekle and Hyde and Bugs gives him a manicure, and a dynamite perm! Gotta Love Looney Tunes!!!

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

Gotta love Bugs! I've long appreciated Looney Toons for the liberal arts education it really is at its core! The music, the history, etc.

A worthwhile laugh in our book!

Roxanne said...

Just love Looney Tunes PERIOD. I remember loving it as a kid, but could NEVER understand why my Daddy found so incredibly funny. He'd laugh so hard (when he was home to see it) that he'd nearly pass out--tears STREAMING down his face.

Now, as an adult, I get it.

I always loved the more "obscure" ones--the singing frog--the ones with the lesser known cats like Claude. . .and who can resist Pepe Le Peu bouncing with hearts radiating from him along with his odor--LOVE Yosemite Sam. . .and Daffy Duck. . .and even if I DON'T have to watch a cartoon, that's the one I'll watch on purpose.

Sarah said...

I LOVE the singing frog, and had forgotten about Pepe LePeu! Roxanne didn't mention that her brother had a skunk and took his 'stink glands' out (not personally removed them, of course) and they named him Pepe, of course!

Rocks In My Dryer said...

The RoadRunner (that is Looney Tunes, right)? Most because I remember watching it with my dad and watching him HOWL with laughter every time. Good days.

Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse) said...

I'm with Shannon. Roadrunner. He's just runnin' down the road trying to have a little fun....(insert forgotten lyrics).... And he never bothered anyone.....Beep Beep!

Susanne said...

I grew up on Bugs too and he's my fave with that little black martian running a close second. And I love that barbershop episode. I like the one with the opera singer too. Cracks me up every time.

Nancy said...

I love Looney Toons. Last summer we went to see the National Symphony play a collection of music from the films in front of a giant screen with the cartoons. I pretended it was for the kids, but I loved it!

Bugs is probably my favorite, although I would rather say Sam & Ralph or Witch Hazel. The Abominable Snow Rabbit is also mighty cute and funny.

Linda said...

"What have I done? I've killed the wab-bit." Loved that one. Oh how I miss those. We can probably buy DVDs somewhere, right?