Monday, April 21, 2008

Entertaining angels, fully aware.

Friday night we got a phone call from our friend David. He was close by and called to ask if he could come for the weekend.

Of course, we said,"Yes!"

Then I explained to him that the only condition was that he was not allowed to bring my child any ants, frogs, sea monkeys or larvae of any kind unless he wanted to sleep outside by the pond with the beavers.

Oh, I'm kidding. The beavers would never let anyone share their pond.

Seriously, I didn't mention the conditions because he would just laugh and ignore them anyway.

So he arrived on Saturday following a long drive on the Interstate. At one point, he called us for directions. When he explained where he was, I warned him to slow down because of all the speed traps. It was at that point that he laughed and reminded me that he is a federal agent.

And it was at that point that I was reminded that he could pretty much bring any kind of larvae into my house that he wished.

(I kid again. He is a federal agent who upholds and obeys the law... ahem...)

He also just returned from Iraq on a reserve tour of duty and let me just say right here how very proud we are of him. (By the way, he wasn't called up; he volunteered.)

The other great thing about this friend of Hubs is that, besides the fact that he is one of the best friends Hubs has ever had and is like a brother to me, and that we know we could call him at any time of the night or day and he would come running or speeding down the Interstate, bringing our daughter ants, sea monkeys, or larvae of his choosing, no matter where he is on the planet- abroad as a Marine or here as an agent, he is protecting my little family in some form or another, and for that I am eternally grateful.

I'm pretty sure that the sentence above breaks more grammatical errors than allowed and possibly violated some kind of federal law. Good thing we know someone in the FBI.

Seriously, Dave, in case you are reading my blog or observing it as part of some super, secret surveillance, I 'd like to take this bloggy moment to eloquently say, "You Rock."

And please don't send us any more packages labeled "Department of Agriculture."


Roxanne said...

Yes, Dave. You do, indeed, rock. Thanks for taking care of all of us.

lori said...

Just came by to visit. I'm ashamed to say FIRST TIME....must have been living under a ROCK...but I'm out now!!


PJ said...

What fun! Dave sounds like a terrific friend. Have a great time and tell him thanks from us for serving...for all of us!

Beautiful Craziness said...

I love friends like that! Sounds like a great one. Thanks David!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Good friends like that are the best. I loved this post -- and its predecessor.

Chaotic Joy said...

I am totally loving your blog. The problem is my google.reader refuses to recognize it so I can subscribe. Cause I really want to.

Anyone else reported this problem?

And yay for country defending, federal agent, larvae carrying Dave!

Susanne said...

What a blessing to have a close family friend such as you have in David. Bug fetish and all.