Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Oh, ye children of the rocks, the Mac and Cheese is ready!

Have you seen this today?

Now they say Stonehenge was built as an ancient healing site. I'm thinking they weren't suffering from back pain.


Seriously, I think some ancient kids in an ancient backyard just got bored on an ancient summer day, started stacking up some rocks to build a fort and then their mom called them for dinner.



Kelsey S said...

Can someone say Amen to that haha I totally agree!


Linda said...

I got so confused-ha. I went to the article looking for something about mac and cheese; I really did. Now it is hilarious to me that I had that idea. Imagine a Kraft box with hieroglyphics on it. Also, just before I clicked here, I was thinking to myself, "How do you do that snare drum sound after you've just told a joke in print?" I was literally thinking, "Ba-dum-bump," etc., then I saw "badabing," which is way better. And that is why it's hard to miss a day here, because there's so much to learn.