Saturday, April 26, 2008

Guest Contributing...

I'm over at The Cafe today.

Be sure to stop by for a visit!


Julie said...

Melanie, I enjoyed so much what you wrote at Internet Cafe and I left you a message over there.

I see that you were born in Georgia. I have been living in Georgia for 23 years now, originally from Chattanooga, TN

What part of Georgia are you from?

Thanks for sharing your beautiful heart today.


lori said...

This is my SECOND try....I got booted out....:( but I will NOT be defeated!! First of all, what a GREAT post!! I finished an article a few weeks ago for the Heart of the Matter(the homeschool ezine) on the FRAGRANCES that please'll be out May 8th, you'll have to read it and see what you think....Either great minds think alike ;) OR God is really SPEAKING TO ME!!

I LOVED it!!
and it's great to have you on board!

oh,and real quick....where in Georgia..I'm north of Atlanta......

(I did grow up in Pittsburgh...not NEW YORK!!:) HA!!)
so in true southern fashion I'll sign off....
Ya'll have a great weekend, ya' hear!
thanks for the blessing!!

Linda said...

This was a stellar post.