Sunday, April 06, 2008

So, what about a lady in flip flops?

A recent study found that people who buy a lot of sneakers (or tennis shoes, as I call them) are also good leaders.

First, I have no idea how they came up with this study. Plus, I really have no idea why we would even care. My psych professors would scoff at this. There is no cause and effect, only a correlation. One in which none of us are really interested.

When I read it, I thought,"Hmmm... my tennis shoes are about five years old."

That will boost your confidence.

I guess that makes me a follower or just a leader who takes really good care of her shoes.

My next thought was that people who are leaders are also people who tend to exercise and stay in shape. Let's face it, if you are wearing out your tennis shoes, you are probably very, very motivated, running marathons and the like.

Me? Marathon?

Unless it involves a sprint to the mailbox in the rain, then...nahhh... notsomuch.

I have, however watched the Christmas Story marathons every Christmas. But that would only wear out the couch cushions. And maybe my slippers.


Kelsey S said...

That is interesting! I hate tennis shoes and love flip flops but am the leader type. I will have to read more about this thanks!


fullheartandhands mama said...

My tennis shoes are three years old. Seriously, who wants to spend money on tennis shoes. Do you know how many pairs of flip flops I can buy for the price of one pair of decent running shoes? Seriously!

Linda said...

I am not as much a flip-flop lover as the rest of the world. Probably a generational thing.

Susanne said...

I call them runners. Although that is probably the last thing I do in them. LOL.

Hey a comment from you just dinged into my mailbox.

Jennifer said...

I wonder what the study would say about people who weaer completely impractical heels and sandals with polka dots, bows and crazy designs. Probably something to the affect of marching to ones own drummer or something. Ah well, at least my feet are cute. (o;