Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mother's Day Reality Check

Everywhere I look I see an advertisement, a poster or a commercial for Mother's Day.

And they are all totally REAL LIFE.

Apparently, I have been missing out...

Commercial- Young, thin mom with freshly highlighted hair, fashionable clothes, holding sun-kissed blonde child while smelling a daisy and hoping for nothing in the world because, obviously every dream has already come true.

My Reality- Middle-aged, pudgy mom with roots the length of sleepless nights, faded yoga pants, holding screaming baby in Wal-mart. while doing the "Sniff Check" and hoping there's a spare Pampers in the diaper bag.

Commercial- Mom waking up in the morning, sun streaming through the windows, fresh white linens on the bed, completely rested and pleasantly surprised at a tray with pancakes, coffee and, yet again, a daisy.

My Reality- Waking up in the morning with bags under my eyes to a kid who is prodding me to get up and make her some pancakes and then do crafts before the sun comes up.

Commercial- Mother cooking dinner, stirring something and tasting it on a wooden spoon while husband sneaks up from behind and hands her a small box with diamonds inside.

My Reality- Heating up chicken nuggets in the toaster oven and watching to make sure they don't burn, wishing I had made it to Publix today so my kid would not be eating processed meat while husband slips in the house from work and goes upstairs to get on the computer.

Commercial- Mothers who look and act perfect in a life that appears perfect with perfect children, perfect husband, and even a perfect cat that doesn't shed.

My Reality- A not-so-perfect mother who has a not-so-perfect life, a daughter who brings her dandelions from the yard, a husband who expresses his gratitude in his own ways, and a cat... we're still working on that.

And I wouldn't trade it for any card or diamond necklace in the world.

On second thought, how big is the diamond?


Beautiful Craziness said...

Love it! So true and my roots are seriously the length of 6 months ago!

Susanne said...

I'm definitely in the reality camp as opposed to the commercial camp! And I wouldn't trade it either, with or without roots.

Linda said...


ttelroc said...

My mother asked us eons ago to NOT celebrate Mother's Day. She said that we are such wonderful children all the time... HA! Actually she said that she would rather plant flowers in the yard on a rare Sunday that she has to herself and Mother's Day has always been that perfect weekend.

So we do nothing for Mothers Day. No cards, no flowers, no dinners. OK sometimes we have been known to drop by with a flat of flowers :0)

I live a thousand miles away now so I call on Saturday night, so as not to disturb her planting day.

I do hope you have a wonderful mothers day - complete with a shower and great meal, no matter who cooks it lol