Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I'm feeling a little nostalgic this week. Can you tell? Really, I think I should write a Hallmark commercial for one of those sappy, family Hallmark Special Presentations.

PSA- Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. I'm playing around with my template, so do not be alarmed. You didn't OD on the cold meds...

Daughter and I had a special afternoon. We had an appointment after school and then I promised to take her to Carraba's. Carraba's is her favorite restaurant. It is a pretty good drive from our house, so we have to plan ahead to eat there. She has asked to go for a while now and, every time we mention eating out, we really don't have the time to make the drive and back and still go to bed at a decent hour.

But, today was different.

After the appointment, we headed to the restaurant for an early dinner. A very early dinner.

She already knew what she wanted- chicken tenders and buttered pasta. Yum.

As we waited, our server brought us some bread. As soon as I opened the napkin to get a piece for each of us, I saw the heel and thought about my husband.

My husband eats the heel. He isn't a heel.


He was at work and couldn't eat with us, so the heel just sat there in the bread bowl all rejected.

Ever since I've know him, hubs has eaten the heel. He knows I don't like it. If there are two pieces of bread left and one is the heel, he will give me the "good" piece and eat the heel. He likes the heel, but he would eat it even if he didn't.

Can I just say that I love that I have a man that will eat the heel? That is oddly romantic to me.

So I missed him there in Carraba's with a lonely heel and a lonely me.


However, the cheesecake was very good. And cheesecake doesn't have a heel or a real crust, so everyone is always happy.

Umm, that is all.


Randi Jo :) said...

cute post :)

Susanne said...

My Dad loved the heel and that was always his peice.

You are one brave lady to play with your template.

Elizabeth said...

And I love that I have a man who lets ME eat the heel! Glad you had a special daughter date.