Monday, April 14, 2008


It is unusually cold this morning, a crisp coolness under a sunny sky.

We were plodding methodically through our morning routine.

Coax daughter to wake up.

Call upstairs again. And again. And again.

Toast the bread, make lunch, pack a snack, check the backpack.

Listen to daughter's footsteps up the stairs, the sound of a spin toothbrush, the slide of the dresser drawers, searching for socks.

We were off.

On the way, we chatted about the cool weather "in April?" We listened as our favorite Christian radio hosts joked with each other and played inspiring music.

I drove the usual route to school, red lights, school buses, traffic.

Five minutes until the bell.

I pulled up to the building and parked instead of going through car line. We both got out, gathered her things, and I wished her a "Wonderful day."

She ran off, and as her hair bounced over the top of her pink backpack, I thought to myself, "Oh. I forgot to kiss her good-bye."

Then she paused, turned around, looked back at me and blew me a kiss.

I blew one back and smiled.

Good. Morning.


Gotta GROW with it said...

*Big sigh*...loved this one!

Roxanne said...

What a beautiful morning.

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hi Melanie, Fairly new blogger here visiting around! I saw your blog listed at Kat's. I enjoyed your blog. Your writing is so fresh, witty, and easy to follow and digest! :) The account of your little girl at school is just priceless! I loved your blog on girls growing up too! I have a 14 year old daughter! They grow up way too fast and it breaks my heart! But, at the same time, it is exciting to watch them blossom into young ladies! And as you said, they are never too old to let go! Thanks for that inspiration!:) Rhonda

Kelsey S said...

aww beautiful!


R.L.Scovens said...

Kids sure know how to put a smile on your face!

Susanne said...

Melting my heart!