Friday, April 18, 2008

One could call it a light bulb moment.

Driving back home this morning, after dropping off daughter from school, I was in the right lane.

There was a car in front of me and a police car in the left lane, driving slowly. ready with radar to make a U-turn and go after someone in the oncoming traffic.

The car ahead of me kept slowing down, waiting for the policeman to speed up or change lanes. It was like a very slow and lawful game of chicken.

I was thinking about the car ahead of me,"Just pass the cop. You are still going the speed limit. It is OK to pass a cop as long as it is at the appropriate speed. Come on, people."

Then I realized the following:

I am brave enough to pass the cop but not to go the the gym.

What's wrong with this picture? Other than my flabby arms?


Kelly @ Love Well said...

I say take the chutzpah to the gym, girl. Flabby arms don't raise your insurance.

P.S. I pass cop cars too, if they are going under the speed limit. But I try to avoid making eye contact. Don't want them to think I'm cocky.

Linda said...

There's courage and then there's courage; that's why. You're welcome.

bensrib said...

Come on, Melanie! You can do it! If I can, you can too. I am 46, mother of five, never been in a gym in my life. The jiggly arms are what did me in. I just couldn't stand it. And you know what? After three months of semi-faithfulness, I'm jiggling less. You'll never be sorry you went!

{Karla} said...


I pass them too.

xo ~ K