Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Become an M & M

I saw this over at Linda's and it looked like fun. Visit www.becomeanmm.com and try it out.

Here is what I would look like if I were chocolaty and cute.


Roxanne said...

Since the kids and I are home for the summer, I did an entire family after I saw it over at Linda's. You and I picked the same shade of pink for our shells. . .great minds, you know. :)

Maybe your little girl can find her "color" and turn it into an M&M.

Nancy said...

I hope you aren't offended when I say it does look like you! I got a little obsessed. Wait 'til you look at the "Deeges as M&M's."

Linda said...

You are just too cute. Pink is totally you, unless we're talking prom dress.

Susanne said...

You make a very cute M&M.