Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What's in your car?

It's like that credit card commercial, only it's a meme I'm making up and it doesn't involve medieval torture.

Or maybe it does.

I was thinking today that I should post what's in my car. We've done "What's in my purse?," but let's face it, ladies. Posting the contents of your car is far more entertaining and quite frightening. Right now, I could pass for Granny Clampett with all the oddities in my car.

If you decide to join in, leave a comment. Remember to include what's in the trunk or the back of your van.

I'll go first.


-Empty Diet Coke bottles that make my husband nuts.

-chewed gum by a little girl, wrapped carefully in some sort of paper so as to prevent the dreaded sticking to the seat syndrome

-Sonic refuse

-melted crayon

-cleaning supplies







-old glasses in case I break the ones I'm wearing and still need to drive

-flip flops

-one sock

I dare think what else would fit in there. :-)


Grafted Branch said...

Let's see. A wild guess would include:



Chuy's restaurant cup

at least half-dozen straws

$20 in cheap plastic hair barrettes

a cd machine that may or may not work

cassette-to-cd adapter

a bottle of windex sans the wipes

a roll of dried up deodorant



a fair amount of our flowering landscape

overflowing trashcans

But NOT to be found are practical things like...

pencil or pen
cup holder
cd player in the dash
crow bar
spare tire (well, maybe...but where?)

Lynne said...

We just bought a new car last week. So it's clean and empty! I do have 3 plastic crates (the kind that collapse) and my old license plate in the trunk. I have my CD's, a container of glass-wipes, a tire pressure gauge wrapped in a cloth so it won't rattle, a first aid kit, the book about the car, and the legal papers from the car dealer inside also. And it has that new car smell!

Nancy said...

masking tape

control journal (see

5 empty water bottles

neoprene lunch bag (so cute!)

several sheets of kraft paper

coupon sorter



Sunday school handouts


small Tupperware container

blue plastic platter still in Party City bag

That's about it, because I cleaned it out last Friday.

Tammy said...

A new mop and broom that have been riding around in there for a few days

some sting cheese wrappers

some tap and ballet shoes

a couple of old free newspaper sections from when I brought the mail in to the car

a used donut bag (had our last ballet\tap class today and we ate donuts as a reward- hey, it worked for me!)

a Dora sweatshirt

a ABC piece of gum wad that somehow missed being wrapped in paper
(Funny how that's up front by the driver's seat!) :)

This was fun, Melanie!

carolineb said...

Various things to return, empty water bottles, gum wrappers and a great big lavender candle that I pop open when it gets to stinkin' in there.