Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Random blips in my brain

Updated to add: Your comments are proof that you guys are quite the intuitive ones, too! Lovin' your comments. Fun. Thanks.

It's really frightening, the things I think about throughout the day. Other people are spending time planning healthy meals for their families, saving the planet or discovering cures for cancer. I'm just trying to make sure my clothes match.

Consider these my deep thoughts for the day. (Scary.)

1. While I was watching one of those commode (Mommy Dearest, I didn't say "toilet." Wink Wink) cleaner commercials, I kept noticing how much they claimed that the product killed germs. They even get all mathematical about it and use a decimal point- "99.9 % of harmful bacteria."

I like a sparkling bowl, if you will, but has it ever occurred to anyone what is going to go in there after we have disinfected it? Ahem.

I'm thinking 100% harmful bacteria.

So, let's do a good job cleaning the commode and focus more attention on the bathroom sink.

Just a thought.

2. Has anyone noticed that the Geico gecko has a different British dialect? Did they think we wouldn't notice? It's like when they replaced Darrin Stephens with a new Darrin on Bewitched. They tried to switch them on the sly; the actors even had the same first name.

I want to know. What happened to the first gecko? Did they fail to renew his contract or did he meet a tragic ending, one where his tail didn't grow back?

3. I think the actress who plays Meredith on Grey's Anatomy needs a new hairdo.

4. I think Jennifer Anniston's face is getting longer.

5. I think Cracker Barrel is a weird name for a restaurant that doesn't sell crackers. Or barrels.

And who is the old man sitting next to the barrel in the logo?

6. I don't understand why it is OK to drink coffee and listen to Diana Krall in Barnes and Noble but it is not OK to have a snack and whisper in the public library.

I'm just sayin.'

7. I realized today that I have become a connoisseur of chicken nuggets. They could feature me on Food Network.

Or not.


Kelli said...

Poor, sad, out of a contract gecko.



And here I thought I was all cried out after the SERIES FINALE of Gilmore Girls.

Better go before I electrocute myself with these tears ....

Grafted Branch said...

Come on over, Melanie! Because remember, at my city's library branches, talking and groping and all manner of bad etiquette is encouraged.

Jessica said...

Maybe the last name of the old man in the logo at Cracker Barrell is the "Cracker" in the name, thus the picture of him with the Barrell. Cracker + Barrell = Cracker Barrell

Just a thought! :-)

Susanne said...

Now I'm going to be obsessed with seeing an old geico commercial and a new one so I can compare accents. Maybe the old Mister Gecko was demanding too much of a salary, sorta like the Friends cast, and Gieco just couldn't afford his ego anymore. Just guessing.

{Karla} said...

i noticed the same thing about the gecko... he's still a cutie in my book though... (unlike the different Darrin's...)


Rocks In My Dryer said...

Yes, yes, on the Meredith thing. I think the style is fine, but my word, girl, GET SOME HIGHLIGHTS.

Tammy said...

I think I've noticed each and every observation above mentioned.

Except for that Grey's Anatomy thing...since I don't watch it...
but because I can agree to everything else, I am certainly taking your word on it that this Meredith needs a new hairdo. :)

Mommy Dearest said...

I'm amazed by people who don't realize there were two Darrin Stephens.

I don't believe anything could remove 99.9% of harmful bacteria from a commode. Ever.

BTW, something about your anonymous comments settings prevents me from commenting with anything but a google account, which means I have to sign in with my old blogger account instead of my new domain info. I have to choose "other" to sign in with those settings, and yours doesn't give me the option.

I'll still keep commenting anyway! ;-)