Wednesday, May 16, 2007

See you soon, Melinda

I can't believe Melinda was voted off.

Maybe it is all a blessing in disguise? Without the AI title, Melinda can have a little more creative freedom and really make her music all her own. Can I just say that I really have admired that she has dressed and acted appropriately on stage? She managed to be stylish without being immodest.

Looking forward to the CD, Melinda!



Nancy said...

before the show hubby asked who I thought would go and I said, "Based on last night's performance, it might be Jordin, but it could be any of them. It's more about popularity than talent at this point."

Melinda is definitely more talented than Blake. (I am a huge fan of Blake though.)

Mommy Dearest said...

I was really shocked. She has been quite a role model in modesty and behavior. Last year's #3 was Elliott, who was my favorite (and the only CD I bought from last year's bunch).

Southern Girl said...

It's absolutely a blessing that she got the boot and won't have to be saddled with a win, and worse -- a restrictive contract. The winners practically have to sign their souls over. Besides, my pretend boyfriend Clay Aiken has done quite well for himself....anybody seen Ruben Studdard lately? ;)

Linda said...

I just have a minute to pop over here, and I knew I could count on you for Melinda coverate. I totally agree with you, 100%, as always and forever.

Susanne said...

There is no way someone won't be along to offer her a recording contract! And I agree, she can do exactly the kind of music she'll like rather than being obligated to do what AI would have her do.