Friday, May 18, 2007

They say it's her birthday...

Today is my dear friend Lucy's birthday. Her name isn't really Lucy, but somehow a few years ago I told her that we were Lucy and Ethel. I was Ethel (not Cousin Ethel.)

Let me tell you a few things about Lucy...

She is an awesome mom. She is totally devoted to her daughter and takes parenting very seriously.

She loves her family.

She is a caretaker and a nurturer.

She has sacrificed so much (willingly) for people in her life. She is a giver.

She loves, loves, loves a good cup of coffee.

She is very organized. She knows how many monkeys are in her kids' barrel of monkeys. (Something I cannot relate to. :>))

She is a talented singer, actress and musician.

She is crafty.

She's smart.

She loves red lipstick. (a girl after my own heart!)

She loves good food and she isn't afraid to "eat like a real woman." (No nibbles for us! We can put down some groceries!)

She is an awesome cook and hostess.

She loves animals and once took in a mama cat and kittens, and then took them with her during a hurricane evacuation. With her child, her two dogs, cat, and two turtles. Yes, m'am. She did.

She is my sister in Christ and I love her.

Happy Birthday, Lucy. You got some 'xplainin to dooooo.

Click here to enjoy one of the best scenes with Lucy and Ethel!!


tleigh said...

Dear Ethel
Thanks for the Birthday Message!
Coming from Y-O-U...the compliments mean so much!

From the words of one of my neices (she happens to be 10 yrs. old)...You Woo Me:) You are a wonderfully fun, loving and supportive friend.
The clips from I Love Lucy are awesome!
Aren't I blessed God planned for us to meet and be friends.
Oh, and I guess I can pack away the groceries!!! No "shy" eatin' here. Bless Your Heart!
Lots of Love...From your Sister in Christ,

PS: Still waitin' on the cheesecake:) Not the same without you.

Nancy said...

I missed Lucy's b'day. I guess I'll be sending a belated wish to her!
BTW, that has always been my favorite Lucy clip. :)